Kristen is at the foundation of bringing behavioral science to life.

Kristen's work leading the field

Co-founded Irrational Labs with famed professor Dan Ariely

Irrational labs is one of the top behavioral consulting companies in the world. Kristen has worked with hundreds of companies to bring behavioral science to life inside big and small companies.

Co-founded Duke University’s Common Cents Lab

Common Cents is a leader in financial health research. Kristen has led the team to launch 70+ experiments positively impacting half a million people.

Founding team member of Google’s behavioral science unit

In Kristen’s 3 years at Google, she has consulted with over 20 teams to train teams on behavioral science and run experiments that drove engagement and product definition.

Author of Hacking Human Nature for Good: A practical guide to changing human behavior

Kristen authored 10 workbooks to help companies take the lessons of behavioral economics into action.